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A Superior Alternative.

Mother Nature throws some pretty nasty weather at your home. That’s why Haas Door created the 5000 Series: the strength of an insulated garage door combined with long-lasting and rust-resistant aluminum.

Filled with dense CFC- free polyurethane foam insulation, 5200 models are 2 inches thick with a calculated R-value of 17.66, while 5700 models are 1¾ inches thick and have a calculated R-value of 16.18.



5000 Series Models

Color Options

5210/5710 Flush

5212/5710 V-Groove

Trinar® Polar White

5210 Window Options
5212 Window Options


5710 Window Options
5712 Window Options




5270/5770 Ranch Panel

5280/5780 Raised Panel

Trinar® Almond

5270 Window Options
5280 Window Options
5770 Window Options
5780 Window Options


  • Lifetime Warranty

  • 17.66 or 16.8 R-Value

  • Full Thermal Break

  • 2" or 1 3/4" Thick CFC FREE Polyurethane Insulation

  • Heavy Vinyl Bottom Seal

  • Embossed Stucco Aluminum

  • Durable Trinar® Finish Coat

  • 4 Panels & 2 Color Choices



Optional Hardware




Create Your Garage Door

Create the perfect garage door for your home in just a few steps, with the HaasCreate Visualizer. Simply upload a photo of your home, and outline the location of your existing garage door. HaasCreate will help you create your new garage door, with every option in Haas Door’s collection at your fingertips!



Technical Information

paint process


The 5000 Series doors have an embossed stucco exterior and feature a tough, durable and weather-resistant Trinar® paint finish. Exposed for decades at weathering facilities in South Florida and other locations around the world, testing has proven Trinar® paints are more than capable of withstanding the degrading effects of weather extremes from the equator to the arctic.

polyurethane insulation


The 5000 Series provides maximum energy efficiency by using CFC-free polyurethane foam insulation. This means a calculated R-Value of 17.66 for 5200 models and R 16.8 for 5700 models.

5200 model doors are 2" thick, while the 5700 models are 1 3/4" thick. A Full Thermal Break is used in the tongue-and-groove construction of all 5000 series doors. These rigid vinyl top and bottom caps seal the joints and eliminates metal-to-metal contact, which limits the transfer of temperature.

5200 series door (shown at right) include Air Infiltration Seals, which exceed the ASHRAE 90.1 Standard when installed with standard bottom seal and commonly available rigid/flexible vinyl door stop.

thermal break


wind load


The 5000 Series is also available in a wide range of design pressures for wind load requirements. Contact your local Haas Door dealer for more information about wind load requirements in your area.

bottom seal  

A heavy vinyl bottom weather seal that flexs to fit the contour of the floor is included on all of our 5000 series doors. This combination of protection seals out the elements and repels the most hostile weather conditions.